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Technical expertise and platforms built to support Legal & Professional Service firms

Data Protection for Law Firms

Sensitive data stored may be at risk when not properly protected.

Our team identifies vulnerabilities in aging software and hardware, recommends the appropriate upgrades and ensures compliance requirements are met.

If you work with SOX, PCI DSS, or HIPAA data, our team ensures its security. Leverage our data protection solutions, business continuity planning, email encryption and more.

Our team can manage all of your concerns -

IT Support that Understands your Critical Applications

Some of our Nonprofit Clients

Digitally Transforming Legal & Professional Services


To ensure security and mitigate the risk of compromising protected legal information, Intrinsic leverages AI & Machine Learning to Quarantine malicious content as it enters the IT infrastructure. By enhancing network visibility, providing the latest patching and software updates, and educating staff through security awareness training, we tailor security services to your organizational needs.

Data Protection, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Whether it’s a security breach, human error, natural disaster or infrastructure failure, downtime is simply not acceptable. Intrinsic offers a range of services from disaster recovery consulting to services designed to ensure a legal entity record accessibility even if the hardware is affected.


Keeping up is a challenge as regulations are not only changing all the time but new, often geo-specific rules are being introduced all the time, adding complexity to remaining compliant. Intrinsic helps you implement systems that are compliant with all regulations that you are required to follow and helps ensure that when new regulations are introduced, you’re still covered.


We provide 24/7 helpdesk services that help you reduce downtime and eliminate the burden of solving IT issues from your non-technical staff. You can get levels 1, 2, or 3 helpdesk services, depending on your needs.

Critical Applications

We work with you to manage your case management platforms to ensure data integrity, security, remote access, and improved collaboration with partners and staff. We make sure that the data is backed up, application access is secure and all compliance measures have been met with industry best practices in mind.


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