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Compliance Experience

Compliance plays a pivotal factor in the reputation of your organization. Here are some of the compliance and regulation standards that we are experienced with.

Highly Secured

A comprehensive security approach that addresses every potential vulnerability. Intrinsic manages every device & application in real-time to deliver a secure environment in-line with industry best practices.

Digitally Transforming Financial Service Firms


We provide 24/7 helpdesk services that help you reduce downtime and eliminate the burden of solving IT issues from your non-technical staff. You can get levels 1, 2, or 3 helpdesk services, depending on your needs.


To ensure security and mitigate the risk of compromising protected health information, Intrinsic leverages AI & Machine Learning to quarantine, analyze and destroy malicious content as it enters the IT infrastructure. With the addition of annual penetration testing, we ensure the infrastructure is up-to-date and as secure as the current best practices.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Downtime is simply not acceptable to patients, medical staff, nor us. Intrinsic offers a range of services from disaster recovery testing, private to public cross-connections, infrastructure replication, and cloud backup solutions designed to restore mission-critical applications and services.


Intrinsic keeps up with the changing regulations and with ever-changing geo-specific rules that are introduced adding complexity to remaining compliant. We also help you implement systems that are compliant with all regulations that you are required to follow and help ensure that when new regulations are introduced, you’re still covered.

Telehealth & Remote Work

Intrinsic can help upgrade your communications tools to help medical & non-medical staff do their jobs remotely. From guidance on telehealth technology to the implementation of secure communication systems, Intrinsic has the expertise to expand or transform your service offerings for patients.


Tonya Torres
Executive Director

Very professional and reliable company!

NHS Brooklyn loves Intrinsic! Intrinsic has proven to be the very professional and reliable company that any institution can count on. During the pandemic, their team was able to make our transition to become fully remote in a short period of time; always available for any request, offering their best solutions and advice to accommodate our company's needs.

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